Prime Global

We began our journey as Prime Medica. Now, over twenty years on, the business has grown organically from one agency, based in one office in northwest England, into a worldwide group of seven highly regarded, full-service agencies and three specialist consultancy services, employing over two hundred brilliant, pharma-savvy people from London to San Francisco. We have become Prime Global. Our people have made this journey possible and continue to drive us forward every day.

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Cecilia Silva, Market Access Writer, Prime Access (a Prime Global consultancy)

In my childhood, I had many philosophical questions about the world. I wanted to learn about life as we know it, the science of death and how cells work, so I studied for a biochemistry and genetics undergraduate degree at the University of Nottingham. There, I developed a fundamental knowledge of molecular biology and medicine, and I was able to gain essential skills for HEOR and market access such as scientific writing and problem solving.

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