Maria Heuser, Senior Value Analyst, Adelphi Values | PROVE

From very early on in my educational development, I knew I wanted to work in science. This led me to take advanced biology classes at high school and college, and later on to pursue a BSc in biology with a focus on molecular biology and industrial applications. Moving from Germany to the UK for my MSc in biotechnology, I quickly realised that the focus of my course was not just on scientific research involving a lot of laboratory and experimental work, but also on how to adapt the knowledge and skills I had gained for my future career. I learned how to communicate scientific information to a range of audiences, using different writing styles. Additionally, I was able to participate in a literature review project, the aim of which was to locate and present information around a set research question. As part of this module, I gained an understanding of how to critically appraise scientific articles and use different primary research techniques, such as questionnaires, to gain information from key opinion leaders.

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