Megan Stanton-Humphreys, Associate Director, Regulatory Services Management, Certara Insight

I’ve always loved the creativity and curiosity behind the ideas and questions that drive scientific research projects. When I read the grant application for my PhD, I was so excited and enthusiastic to start tackling all that the lab could throw at me. My research was in the area of biological chemistry, designing and synthesising chemical probes to study biological systems.

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Paul McCormack, Senior Regulatory Writer, Certara Insight

I came to regulatory medical writing in 2018, after finishing my PhD at the University of Birmingham, where I worked on the molecular biology of the papillomavirus life cycle and virus-driven carcinogenesis. Although I had an extremely positive PhD, surrounded by a great team, and thoroughly enjoyed my time in the lab, I had no interest in pursuing an academic career. I loved what I consider the ‘communication’ parts of my PhD – talking with biotechnology and pharmaceutical company reps, discussing science at conferences and teaching undergraduate students. I also thoroughly enjoyed contributing to book chapters, publications and teaching material.

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Jade Lyons-Rimmer, Regulatory Writer, Certara Insight

During my PhD, I believed that I would be a researcher forever. However, on completing my thesis I just couldn’t find the right job for me. Finally, after working at a small pharma company and then as a post-doc in stem cell biology, I decided enough was enough and accepted that bench research wasn’t going to give me the work–life balance, stability and opportunities for progression that I was looking for in a career.

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