Gillian Keating, Cence, an AMICULUM agency

I trained in medicine and, after completing my medical registration and discovering it was not a career I wished to pursue, began exploring alternatives. Medical writing seemed a good way of combining my qualifications and interest in writing, and I joined a medical publishing company as a medical writer in a non-agency setting. I initially wrote single-agent drug reviews across a wide range of therapeutic areas. Over time, my role transitioned into training and mentoring new medical writers and upskilling experienced medical writers, as well as establishing standard operating procedures and a training and mentoring programme.

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Rachel Dodd, Cence, an AMICULUM agency

My entry into medical writing was typical in some ways. After completing my PhD, I found myself unsure of my next move. While I liked working in the lab, I also knew that some of my favourite parts of my research experience involved writing and communicating science. This was reinforced when I actually enjoyed writing up my thesis – an experience that was unusual among my lab colleagues! However, I hadn’t really been aware of MedComms as an industry until I began exploring ways to combine my love of science and my enjoyment of writing.

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Ben Clarke, Cence, an AMICULUM agency

After completing my BSc in virology, I was undecided about whether I wanted to study for a PhD, so I began a role as a research assistant in a vaccine research laboratory. During this time, I realised that I didn’t particularly enjoy lab work, but I thoroughly enjoyed learning about virology and immunology, the responsibility of leading my own research, communicating the findings of my research to different audiences, collaborations with other research institutes, and the teamwork and culture. I began researching different careers away from the lab that might encompass the parts of my research assistant role that I found most fulfilling, and I realised that it might not be necessary to complete a PhD to pursue my career ambitions.

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