Helen Speedy, Seques, an AMICULUM agency

From first learning about genetics in GCSE science lessons, I knew that it was a subject that I wanted to pursue. Fast forward several years and I had gained a degree and PhD in genetics and had a productive period of post-doc research under my belt. However, it was then decision time. Did I want to stay in academia, or did I want to branch out into something new?

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Debbi Gorman, Cogent, an AMICULUM agency

Having stumbled into doing a PhD almost by accident as part of my research assistant role at Imperial College London, I had never really intended to pursue a career in academia. However, I soon found myself loving the lab with a flair for growing parasites and a taste for diligent documentation. I couldn’t believe that I was getting paid to play in a lab all day long – I had found my happy place. So, when the good times ground to a halt, and my endeavours in the lab were failing, and the politics and diplomacy of seeking funding began to weigh heavily, I was in all honesty devastated at the prospect of leaving the lab. A friend of mine had moved on to MedComms not long before me with favourable reports, so I took the leap as well. I thought that it would be a tough adjustment, but I truly have not once missed the lab, and have instead found a new passion for MedComms.

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