Kelly Stroud, Principal Medical Writer, Lucid Group

I began as a medical writer after almost a decade working in medical publishing as a production editor. Whilst working in publishing, I was exposed to lots of different writing styles, learned about design, illustration, effective copyediting an quality control, and, importantly, worked closely with scientific experts. I quickly became well-grounded in project management, independently managing my own time and workload, and overseeing the quality and work of others.

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Helen Speedy, Seques, an AMICULUM agency

From first learning about genetics in GCSE science lessons, I knew that it was a subject that I wanted to pursue. Fast forward several years and I had gained a degree and PhD in genetics and had a productive period of post-doc research under my belt. However, it was then decision time. Did I want to stay in academia, or did I want to branch out into something new?

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Lucinda Sinclair, Associate Scientific Director, Ashfield MedComms

I joined the allegro.WRITE entry-level training programme as an associate medical writer with Ashfield MedComms in October 2018. After completing a masters in translational oncology, with a brief stint at a pharma company on work experience, I was searching for a career where I could stay close to the science, but also work with others in a collaborative and creative environment. allegro.WRITE appealed to me because the structured programme enabled fast-tracked progression, with ongoing development opportunities during the initial 8-week training phase, two 5-month rotations and beyond.

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