At touchIME, we develop engaging education for busy clinicians, using innovative digital formats. We work closely with world-leading faculty to ensure the education is immediately relevant for daily clinical practice, so it can have a direct impact on patient outcomes. All of our education is funded by unrestricted educational grants, so is developed without pharmaceutical company involvement.

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At touchIME, we pride ourselves on developing content that is truly fair and balanced. Our education is always faculty-led ensuring it is addressing the clinical challenges faced by ‘front-line’ clinicians. We use instructional design and apply adult learning principles to shape the format of our activities, so that they meet the needs of learners, as well as being easily accessible and engaging. We assess the impact of all our activities by measuring levels of education in the community before and after an activity is launched, so we can really see changes in knowledge levels and can determine how successful the activity has been.

Our educational activities span eight key therapy areas – from oncology to infectious diseases, and many in between – and we have a bespoke, free-to-access website for each, where we host all of our education. Our sites are accessed by clinicians from around the world and we reach thousands with each activity we develop. We use social media campaigns to announce new content and partner with hundreds of medical societies to distribute our education further.

We are hugely proud of the education we develop and it is very rewarding to know that it has actually increased clinicians’ knowledge and understanding and so has improved clinical practice.

If this sounds interesting and a little bit different from other types of MedComms, and you want to learn more, check out our blog post:

We are growing fast, so we are always looking for new talent to join our very successful team.


Webinar recording: The What and the How of Independent Medical Education, recorded 16 August 2022 as a MedComms Networking webinar. Watch the recording here

For more information visit or get in touch in the meantime on

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