As a fast growing, independent network, LiNK Health Group is a dynamic and collaborative company who can offer fantastic opportunities for career development. We are an ambitious bunch here at LiNK and are looking for like-minded individuals who can help us grow and evolve.

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LiNK Health Group consists of brilliant medical writers and editors, dynamic account handlers, and award-winning creative strategists who are ready to meet the needs of our clients across the lifecycle of their products. Our expertise includes strategic communications planning, scientific and creative content, bespoke educational platforms, publications, meetings, digital assets, opinion leader and HCP engagement, internal training… and that’s just for starters. We execute it all with our signature refusal to conform or settle, our bold thinking, with professional irreverence and lateral thinking: we are always innovative, never derivative.

We like to empower each person to bring their whole self to work and to be themselves. We pride ourselves on trust and honesty and, unlike others, we are 100% remote and have been since the company took its first breath. Our teams are located across Europe and the US, and you will get the opportunity to work on some fascinating Global client accounts in some ground-breaking therapeutic areas and you get to do it on a MacBook laptop, because that’s the way we roll at LINK.

We’re always innovative, never derivative. We embrace and reward personality and passion as much as expertise and competence. Want to know more, take a look at our website;

LiNK 360

Are you ready for a new career and unparalleled introduction to the world of MedComms?

LiNK 360 is a fantastic opportunity to land your first MedComms job along with a six-month 360° structured training program.

You’ll join LiNK 360 as a MedComms Executive. You’ll then follow our six-month program where you’ll experience all aspects of working in MedComms and, at the end of the program, we’ll work with you to help you decide the path you wish to take.


Webinar recording: LINK 360 – launch your MedComms Career at LINK Health Group, recorded 13 December 2021 as a MedComms Networking webinar. Watch the recording here.

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