The imc group of companies support the majority of the top 20 pharmaceutical giants as well as innovative biotech and diagnostic companies, all over the world. Let us show you how we can bring human-centric success to brand(s).

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We are a global family of independently-owned healthcare communication consultancies that offer a customised approach to clients.

Why we do it

We are committed to seeing real improvements in patient care and providing communication solutions that enhance the management of patients. We believe in the value of exchanging knowledge and creating meaningful connections between our clients, external stakeholders and patients.

What we do

We are highly skilled in human-centric healthcare communication that create lasting connections and promotes behavioural change among healthcare professionals and patients. We use various well-established behavioural-change models to measure the effectiveness of what we do.

Who we are

The global imc group family comprises an amazing collection of people with a wealth of experience in clinical medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, including medical affairs, marketing and sales, as well as the agency world. We use our collective experience to deliver high-quality human-centric medical communication solutions for our clients.


Video interview with Jason Gardner, Head of Medical, imc agencies and Pulsar Health, recorded 01 September 2022 by Watch the recording here.

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