During both my undergraduate degree in biochemistry and microbiology, and my PhD in synthetic biology, I was always attracted to extracurricular activities – so much so that I became involved with the European Federation of Biotechnology Section for Bioengineering and Bioprocessing as their communications officer. Realising that my joy tended to come from presenting my research at congresses and networking with other researchers versus spending long monotonous days in the lab, I knew that I wanted to look beyond academia for my next career step.

Like most postgraduate students, I was not aware of the extent of opportunities outside of academia until I attended my university’s careers fair, where I first learnt about MedComms and I was immediately excited. Using these very FirstMedCommsJob career guides, I discovered that the skill set I had developed was indeed transferable, and I started my MedComms career as an associate medical writer straight out of the lab.

Five years later, I can happily say that I have never looked back. As an experienced medical writer at AMICULUM, I highly enjoy my varied work where no 2 weeks are the same. I have learnt to transform complex scientific data into a wide range of written and digital deliverables for different pharmaceutical audiences, including classic publications such as abstracts, congress presentations and manuscripts, but also interactive slide decks, symposia, training materials and much more.

Given the variety of this job, a supportive learning environment is also essential for building a career in MedComms. I am very thankful to the wonderful mentors I have had the pleasure of working with over the years; I now enjoy being able to support and share best practices with colleagues. What I particularly love about the MedComms industry are the people and the supportive culture. Teamwork plays a vital role in delivering each project as every member collaborates with and supports colleagues and different specialist teams locally and internationally. The professional development tool we have at AMICULUM, called ‘Curriculum’, is a fantastic platform to further foster your skills and interests at every level and stage of your career.

Working across multiple therapy areas can be daunting at times but expanding my knowledge in different disease areas and in cutting-edge drug development, which can potentially transform people’s lives, has been very rewarding. As I progress in my role, I enjoy having the ability to not only navigate challenges, such as my workload and competing timelines, but also to creatively solve problems and be a more strategic partner for my clients, enabling them to realise their goals and ultimately ensuring the dissemination of their important research to the right audiences.

My happy accident in finding MedComms has led me to a fulfilling and rewarding career that allows me to use my passion for science communication to deliver a variety of projects for our clients that can help improve patients’ lives, all the while working with the most wonderful colleagues. If this sparks your interest, I highly encourage you to consider a career in MedComms.

This personal profile first appeared in the FirstMedCommsJob careers guide, Ensuring timely dissemination of research: a guide to working as a medical publications professional, published September 2022

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