I graduated with an MBiochem and, after a year spent working on a research project for my final dissertation, I decided that labs certainly were not for me! Fuelled by a final year panic, where everyone was starting to get a job, I accepted a role as an audit associate at an accountancy and finance firm. After 18 months, it was clear that a day filled mostly with Excel spreadsheets was not motivating me and I missed science. Furthermore, I wanted a career where I could make a meaningful contribution, where I would be constantly learning and challenged, and where I could have a good work–life balance.

After a catch-up with a friend from university who worked in MedComms, it seemed that a job that ticked all the boxes did exist after all! I applied to Oxford PharmaGenesis and, after completing the writing test and interview process, was delighted to accept a position as an associate consultant in Value Demonstration Practice.

Having been in my current role for more than 18 months now, I am so grateful that the people who interviewed me saw promise and offered me the position. I enjoy and am interested in the work that we do. I have taken opportunities to work on a wide range of deliverables in different therapeutic areas and at different stages of the product lifecycle. I enjoy working on global value dossiers and health technology assessments, which help to communicate the value of therapies to payers, with the aim of getting therapies to market and so to patients who have a high unmet medical need. I have also enjoyed developing relationships with clients and helping to implement their needs and strategies with each deliverable.

Oxford PharmaGenesis values both team and individual development; you never have to go far for opportunities to develop, and I have attended a variety of internal workshops and external training courses to help with my day-to-day work and to build a strong foundation for career progression. The culture here at Oxford PharmaGenesis is lovely and it feels like a community. Everyone I work with is friendly, accommodating and passionate about the work that they do. I am surrounded by people who constantly strive to do better, and there is no better environment for personal and professional growth. Each deliverable is a team effort, and everyone works together to achieve the best possible outcome, with reviewers providing helpful and constructive feedback and everyone in the team chipping in and supporting the project when needed to make sure that we deliver the best product for our clients.

I would highly recommend medical writing at Oxford PharmaGenesis: the work is fulfilling and makes a meaningful contribution to international healthcare, and the people here make every day enjoyable.

This personal profile first appeared in the FirstMedCommsJob careers guide, Evidence generation and communication: a guide to getting started in HEOR/market access medical writing, published June 2022

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