From very early on in my educational development, I knew I wanted to work in science. This led me to take advanced biology classes at high school and college, and later on to pursue a BSc in biology with a focus on molecular biology and industrial applications. Moving from Germany to the UK for my MSc in biotechnology, I quickly realised that the focus of my course was not just on scientific research involving a lot of laboratory and experimental work, but also on how to adapt the knowledge and skills I had gained for my future career. I learned how to communicate scientific information to a range of audiences, using different writing styles. Additionally, I was able to participate in a literature review project, the aim of which was to locate and present information around a set research question. As part of this module, I gained an understanding of how to critically appraise scientific articles and use different primary research techniques, such as questionnaires, to gain information from key opinion leaders.

After graduating from my MSc, I joined Adelphi Values | PROVE and quickly realised that my new role reflected the interests I had developed during my degree. I learned that MedComms, including market access and HEOR, is a major field in the science world. From there, I was keen to learn more about the commercial side of science, involving working with pharmaceutical companies, while also learning more about disease areas and novel treatments, which is something I really enjoy.

As part of my role as a Senior Value Analyst at Adelphi Values | PROVE I am involved in systematic literature reviews on a much larger scale to those I have experienced before. The information we gather and data gaps we identify help us to inform documents such as global value dossiers. These impactful dossiers present the value story of a treatment by positioning it into global markets on a clinical, humanistic and economic level to support the market access decisions of our clients, and help to support the reimbursement of therapies around the globe. As part of this, I was able to gain insight into new fields, such as health economics, which helped me to understand more about the commercial side of this industry. In addition, my role involves a lot of creative aspects, such as presenting key information on ‘catchy’ slide decks and posters, as well as primary research techniques, involving questionnaires and interviews with experts in their fields.

What fulfils me the most in my role in HEOR/market access is that it allows me to utilise and deepen knowledge from my degrees, while continuously developing new skills. Every project is unique in this constantly evolving industry and no day seems the same. To be working on a range of project types at one time, which requires a variety of working techniques and knowledge, while learning new things about science is exactly what I hoped to pursue. On top of that, my role gives me the opportunity to learn more about business aspects, including client relations and project management, and to grow professionally.

This personal profile first appeared in the FirstMedCommsJob careers guide, Evidence generation and communication: a guide to getting started in HEOR/market access medical writing, published June 2022

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