In my childhood, I had many philosophical questions about the world. I wanted to learn about life as we know it, the science of death and how cells work, so I studied for a biochemistry and genetics undergraduate degree at the University of Nottingham. There, I developed a fundamental knowledge of molecular biology and medicine, and I was able to gain essential skills for HEOR and market access such as scientific writing and problem solving.

During my university years, I was adamant that I needed to find a career where I could apply and develop my scientific knowledge, so I did a year of industrial experience with a global pharmaceutical company. I worked within the regulatory strategy department and gained a well-rounded understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, and regulatory and healthcare authorities, and the importance of medicines to patients. I also acquired a good awareness of the business models and social structures that determine patient access to medicinal products.

I started my career in HEOR and market access as an associate market access writer, here at Prime Access. Through IGNITE, a training programme for all entry-level starters at Prime Global, I was quickly introduced to the world of MedComms and, as part of the programme, I received work-relevant training to develop my scientific writing, presentation and communication skills. I was also introduced to editorial review processes, publication processes and the wide array of MedComms deliverables offered by Prime Global.

My first project at Prime Access was working on the development of a global value dossier for an oncological product, so I dived right into understanding the fundamental principles of value communication that include burden of disease, unmet need, and clinical and economic value. I enjoyed using complex data to inform the big picture and presenting data in clear visual formats.

Since then, I’ve worked on a range of projects including slide decks, literature reviews, client affiliate workshops and payer research. Each project has been unique and offered a new perspective, whether it be from a different therapy area, a new client or a different target audience. I also had the opportunity to attend the World Evidence, Pricing and Access (EPA) Congress with others from the team in Amsterdam this year – the first post-lockdown, in-person congress we attended! It was great to promote Prime Access, network with industry leaders, and learn about the current trends and challenges affecting our pharmaceutical clients.

Everyone at Prime Access is friendly, collaborative and creative. The team has grown a lot in the past year, yet we’re still a tight-knit group and we all share our ideas, challenges and successes freely. As I approach my 2-year anniversary, I feel grateful to work in an intellectually stimulating job where I can combine my passion for science with strategic insight and analytical prowess. I am motivated to help my clients communicate the value of their medicinal products and ultimately help patients access the medicines they need.

This personal profile first appeared in the FirstMedCommsJob careers guide, Evidence generation and communication: a guide to getting started in HEOR/market access medical writing, published June 2022

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