My route into MedComms was not the most traditional. Before I began my career with Helios, I worked in a patient-facing role as a health and wellbeing physiologist. While it was rewarding to help patients achieve their health goals, there was limited day-to-day variation in the clinic, and my main passion lay with communicating the science behind the patients’ test results and writing evidence-based reports about how to improve fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. I decided to research other career paths that would allow me to launch my scientific career outside of a clinical setting, while putting my communication skills to use.

I was keen to use the knowledge I had gained during my sport and exercise science degree from the University of Birmingham and exercise physiology masters from Loughborough University, so I decided to research alternative scientific roles. After much research into careers that could offer me what I was looking for, I discovered the MedComms industry. I soon realised that a career in MedComms would allow me to work in a fast-paced, challenging environment and collaborate with leading experts at the forefront of scientific research, while continuing to learn about different therapy areas.

I joined Helios as an associate medical writer and received on-the-job training and support from my senior colleagues during my first year. As someone who was new to MedComms, I found it very beneficial to learn from the knowledge and experience of my colleagues, while I learned the ropes of the industry and developed my writing skills through feedback on my work. My colleagues have always been happy to help and this, alongside role-specific training, has given me a great foundation for my career.

I now work as a medical writer and have been fortunate to contribute to a variety of projects, including manuscripts, literature reviews, website content development, medical education training modules, infographics, meeting reports and advisory boards. I enjoy listening to experts, who are at the top of their field, discuss the best practices for healthcare professionals and their strategies to improve patient outcomes.

Moving into the MedComms industry to pursue medical writing has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and the job has provided me with everything that I was looking for. I really value the day-to-day variety in my role, as every day is different, and each project I work on brings new challenges and learning opportunities. I am fortunate to have the chance to work within different teams, which makes each day exciting and dynamic. Furthermore, juggling different projects has allowed me to draw upon the skills I used as a physiologist: effective communication, teamwork, organisation and time management.

The best things about working in MedComms include the team-oriented environment, the supportive culture and the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of scientific research. I am delighted to continue to develop my career within a professional and enjoyable environment and to
be part of a great team.

This personal profile first appeared in the FirstMedCommsJob careers guide, From academic to medical writer: a guide to getting started in medical communications, published March 2022.

Meet representatives from Helios Medical Communications on 19 September. Meanwhile, find out more about them here.

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