This webinar, Starting a career in Medical Communications, was recorded by Helios Global Group

Do you have strong scientific credentials, but the lab isn’t for you? Are you interested in a job that deals with cutting-edge developments in medicine? If so, watch this webinar to learn about medical communications. ‘MedComms’ agencies partner with pharmaceutical industry clients to develop and communicate scientific content in impactful ways through meetings, materials and more. Presented by Helios, a global agency group with offices in the North West, Oxford and the USA, you’ll learn why MedComms is a great long-term career choice and how to be successful in your application.

The Helios panel are; Liam Burnham (Scientific Director), Maggie Boyd (Senior Scientific Project Coordinator), Lucy Collins (Medical Writer), Andrew Minnock (Managing Director) and Jo Oswald(Training Facilitator) – all of whom have been in your position and know what it’s like to love science but want something beyond the lab.

Recorded as a live webinar, 15 February 2022, by the Helios Global Group and is included here with their permission.

Liam’s LinkedIn page is at

Maggie’s LinkedIn page is at

Lucy’s LinkedIn page is at

Andrew’s LinkedIn page is at

Jo’s LinkedIn page is at

You can find out more about the Helios Global Group at

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